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    Enbukyoku Aline


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    Enbukyoku Aline

    Post  Aline on Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:02 pm

    Name: Aline Enbukyoku (円舞曲アリーネ)
    Creator: AlineDreams (That's my official whatever-I-am name)
    Age: Eternally 17 (Since she's a cyborg, she can't really get older)
    Gender: Female
    Weight: Heavy
    Height: 155cm (5'1")
    Birthday: June 27th (it was due to the fact I forgot when she was first designed, so, I put my own b-day instead)
    Release Date: November 27th (first vid), December 11th (first beta VB)
    Range: C4-F6 (she can go a little bit higher, but I don't really recommend lower)
    Genre: Supposedly Waltz (she can sing a lot of other stuff, though; I personally recommend using her in duets and choruses, since she seems to be more of a complimentary voice than a main singer; BPM shouldn't really be a problem, since I got her oto.ini covered.)
    Languages supported: Japanese, although English, Portuguese and Spanish can be improvised (with very rough results)
    Recording Status: Complete Japanese, incomplete multilanguage (I didn't really plan this through), re-recording on planning (ugh, personal stuff in the way).
    Phoneme Encoding: Romaji with kana aliases
    Likes: Chocolate, sweet foods, anime/manga, yaoi, pretty guys, glasses, being chubby, Gakupo, internet, waltzes, bossa nova, Canada.
    Dislikes: Sports (except martial arts), rude or dumb people, "fat" being used as insult, being asked about romance, womanizers/players, cars (due to her accident), pedophiles, cigarettes.
    Character items: Anything chocolate, bricks (she eats the former in every meal, and she throws the latter in who complains)
    Related characters: Gakupo Kamui (Idol)
    Allen Enbukyoku (Genderbent, her good conscience fairy tho took human shape)
    Linny Enbukyoku (Loli subspecies, her evil conscience fairy who took human shape)
    Aline Debune (Failure, her feelings of despair and regret who took human shape)
    Deon, Mugen (Clones from future)
    Yohji Nagine (Best friend, compatriot)
    Tahirah (Second best friend)
    Bikuta Kanne (Friend, compatriot)
    Kyan Niiro, Destiny Auduo, RAI, aGi-9 Mayu, Yuki Mahou (Friends)
    Kiki Okashine, KANDI (Younger sisters at heart)


    Brazilian Portuguese (props to whoever recognizes which city I come from without looking up the description):

    Engrish (this one is kinda lulzy):



    Voicebank: ?2nmtmm42ttm
    oto.ini (might still have some slightly messed phomenes; possibly Y-set, M-set and "wa"): ?oeg3jw0myh4

    She originally was a Vocaloid fancharacter/self-insert (to mock some fancharacters out there), but I've grown over that and made her an UTAUloid instead; she, as a character, is possibly almost as old as UTAU itself.

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