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    Some UTAU and Vocaloid peices

    Rin Grim

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    Some UTAU and Vocaloid peices

    Post  Rin Grim on Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:00 am

    I mostly do UTAU art, mostly song images. But I do have some vocaloid peices. As you can tell I've defintly grown since I started with with UTAU.

    Angelica Morbid Art ((I'm going in order of when I made them))

    Dance site of Darkness Alexia and Angelica
    concept design
    This scared the shit out of me...
    without jacket
    Dance site of Darkness Angelica and Aido
    Don't leave me behind

    TOmo Kagiko
    Shut up
    Concept art
    Chain GIrl
    Don't say lazy

    Lexander Nex Morbid
    concept art

    Vocaloid Art
    Miku Lineart
    RIn Kagamine Rotten Girl

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