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    Black Rock Shooter


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    Black Rock Shooter

    Post  Aerendyll on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:02 pm

    It's finally here, the RAW version of the BRS anime!

    Watch BRS here:
    Official English site:

    The story:

    BRS is an anime about a friendship between two girls that grow apart after another girl comes into the picture.

    Analysis of the RAW stream by yours truly:

    NOTE: This does not include the fight scenes and random BRS scenery moments. It's mainly a guideline to understand what's going on if you don't have subs (yet) and can't put the puzzle pieces together.

    This analysis is done by someone with very minimal Japanese knowledge. Minor inaccuracies are hard to evade.

    Mato gets up and walks to the bedroom to do her hair. Older brother/dad(?) scolds Mato for something.

    Mother wants Mato to wake up her little brother, Mato doesn't want to and gets scolded for not being a good sister.

    Mato goes upstrairs and tries to wake her little brother up.

    Mato is about to leave, her mother asks whether she's already going. Mato confirms. Mother apologizes for something, Mako says it's not necessary.

    On her favourite hilltop Mato takes a picture of the scenery and realizes she's late for school.

    On school there's a history lesson in which Mato notices Yomi. She searches for her name on the class seat roster. Later on there's a school year introduction speech.

    Mato tries to talk to Yomi, but is unsure of how to start conversation. She says Yomi's tall at first. They switch to the subject of dreams.

    Mato and Yomi end up in the same class, which allows them to spend more time together.

    After school they talk about sports. Mato tells Yomi she joined the basketball team, which causes Yomi to say basketball is too complex for her. Later they talk about lunch.

    Mato copies Yomi's homework and they have a chat about it. After school they hang out more.

    In general, all of this is girl bonding time.

    Mato and Yumi look at the sunset. Mato tells Yumi it's her favourite spot. Mato asks Yomi about what she likes. Yomi is unsure. Mato gives her a phonejewel as a sign of their bond and tells her she enjoys the friendship, hoping that she feels the same. Yomi confirms this.

    Hanging out recaps - more bonding time

    Mato got injured at the training and is dropped off by Yumi's side by Yuu, who scolds Mato for not being careful. (Yuu is the basketball team manager.)

    The girls aren't in the same grade anymore after passing first grade. They're not happy about it, but they still hang out during lunch. Yuu, however, did make it into Mato's class.

    Mato and Yomi slowly grow apart due to Yuu hanging out with Mato more and more, which annoys her and makes her jealous.

    Mato apologizes to Yomi because basketball takes up a lot of her time, but Yomi acts like nothing's the matter.

    Yomi stops showing up to meet Mato because it hurts her to see Mato and Yuu together. When informing at the volleyball club the members said Yomi didn't show up. Mato texts her out of concern.

    Yomi stops showing up at school and Mato is concerned. She gets a text message on her phone telling her to go home immediately. There are some detectives interrogating her and asking whether she noticed anything strange. They also tell her it's possible Yomi is dead, which upsets Mato.

    At school a lot of people are gossipping about what might have a happened to Yomi.

    Mato and Yuu have a little chat. Yuu assures Mato that Yumi will return and will be okay. This makes Mato a little calmer.

    Mato gets a text message from Yomi and tries to call her, but when that doesn't seem to work she visits the hilltop she loves so much. There she finds the phonejewel she gave to Yomi. It starts to glow and opens up a gate in the sky.

    Mato meets with BRS and talks to her. They fuse together into one being.

    Have you seen the stream? What did you think it? Did the anime producers do well or is it a complete miss?

    I'll debate with my opinions later. c:

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    Re: Black Rock Shooter

    Post  Mooncrafter on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:08 pm


    And... After watching the Raw.... I just realized how much Japanese I really knew. I couldn't understand HALF of what they were saying mind you, but I could follow some of the conversation.

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    Re: Black Rock Shooter

    Post  Aerendyll on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:30 pm

    @MoonCrafter: Yeah, I really liked it too and I know what you mean about the Japanese knowing thing... I was surprised I understood so much too. xD I've heard people say they don't understand it, but I don't think it's that hard if you think about it for a moment.

    What I think about the flow of things and the ending is put into spoilers below.

    Major spoilers, don't click unless you've seen it or don't mind these:
    I think the action scenes take place AFTER all the high school moments and the like. I can only say I appreciate the animators for NOT putting that in chronological order because otherwise we'd have a LOT of talking and school life and then a sudden switch to non-stop action without dialogue. Which, in my opinion, would be a terrible decision as it doesn't flow well. Though I have to add the scenes might have been a little too fragmented at some points.

    The point where the action scenes start chronologically is when we see BRS fusing with Mato, which is the very last scene before the ending credits roll. Just before this scene we see how the episode ends chronologically seen, not counting the scene after the credits.

    Actually, I'm not even sure where the scene after the credits belongs, but I'm guessing it's chronologically seen either the last one or one that happens just before Mato joins the basketball team.

    Some theories, spoilers here too:
    I think all the fights and BRS style eyecandy is a different way to show inner turmoil of the characters and how they communicate with eachother. The original BRS song was about a damaged bond with a dear person after all, not about just random fighting.

    To me the BRS characters are the embodiment of conflicts, which explains how Yomi deactivated her "powers". It won't be the first anime I see which uses this take on events. I'm just not completely sure whether Dead Master's skulls are just weapons or also living beings...

    Also, minor spoiler about the art (not story relevant):
    Does anyone else think they tried insanely hard to imitate the original art PV at times, even though it barely made any sense aside from eye candy goodness? (Not the MMD one...) I still keep wondering why we didn't see BRS' sword or motorcycle (yet).

    Sorry for the lengthy reply, I'm just really loving this anime right now~

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    Re: Black Rock Shooter

    Post  Armageddon11 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:32 pm

    Loved it.

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    Re: Black Rock Shooter

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