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    Art Dump: The Second


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    Art Dump: The Second

    Post  ladyviolathornhaven on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:04 pm

    Well, since the time of my last post, I finished more pieces, including one for Gackpoid's birthday today! Three of these were inspired by Japanese Ps.

    Magical Kitty Len Len
    Um…so…yeah. I blame Owata-P and my mother. Seriously. I'm sitting with a pencil and paper on Super Bowl and asked my mom what to draw. She said "Nuko Len Len!!!". And I did it.

    Praise Me
    Oh mothy, mothy, mothy. Akuno-P's "Abandonment Excerpts Moonlight" inspired this piece, along with a wee bit of "moonlit bear". There's a sightly bloodier version here.

    Blue Freedom
    Remember, in my previous post, the sketch of Len and Miku? I finished it~

    HB Gackpoid
    Hot of the press, just posted! And I prove that I have a hard time drawing guys. I personally think I just made his stance too stiff. And emasculated him too much after listening to "Venomania", like, thirty times this week.

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