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    Graphic Designs by Kentai


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    Graphic Designs by Kentai

    Post  Kentai-P on Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:33 pm

    Thats right, I can make you banners and backgrounds for your HP, board, YT channel or whatever.

    here the board banner I made, just to make the thread look better: xD

    I also have a commission thread for full YT channel designs.

    costs depend on the banner theme and what you want, but should usually not exceed 100 VD.

    Background images also depend, but also do usually not exceed 100 VD.

    PM me, before you order.

    find my work on this board. (I mean the bords graphics were made by me xD)
    also on my HP:

    on my HP you may also want to scroll all the way down and take a peek at the footer ^-^



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