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    UPTATE: the Vocadime Market


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    UPTATE: the Vocadime Market

    Post  Kentai-P on Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:49 am

    Hi everybody,

    In retrospect I realized, that the VocaDime market has much more potential, than I thought:

    people don't just commission to get the one month link display on the top, but also to have VDs to acquire commissions from other Users.

    therefore, I have decided to change the stakes:

    the payment of 1000 VDs for a Link, will now no longer be for a one-month link, but for a permalink.

    That way permalinks to promote our creative members can be handed out AND activity and comissioning is made more appealing.


    what do YOU think should be added as a exchange option to the VD market?
    We appreciate your ideas.


    I am currently working on a "Advertise VCB for VocaDimes" extension of the market.


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