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    Voicebank downloads and requests


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    Voicebank downloads and requests

    Post  Aerendyll on Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:55 pm

    Basically this thread is here to help people in finding voicebanks. You can also suggest UTAUs to add to the list~

    NOTE: Rather than a direct voicebank link it would be wiser to link to a webpage/blog/files folder on a file sharing site where the most recent voicebank can be found. This is to make keeping track of this list a lot easier.

    Japanese UTAUs:

    Kasane Teto

    Other Japanese UTAUs:
    Momone Momo
    Nagone Mako

    Non-Japanese UTAUs:


    UTAUs of which a link to their voicebank is requested:

    Japanese UTAUs:
    Yokune Ruko
    Namine Ritsu
    Ooka Miko
    Sukone Tei
    Suiga Sora
    La Zimachi (the frog choir)

    Non-Japanese UTAUs:
    -none yet-

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