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    All Graphics. Almost Free


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    All Graphics. Almost Free

    Post  Paprika on Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:49 pm

    Hello, I am Paprika and if you need proof of talent, go to:

    What do I do? Well I make anything graphical, usually through manipulation or creation of simple, minimalist designs for web pages, backgrounds, website banners, advertisements or simply the banner you're using right now.

    What is my asking price you say? 10000 Vocadimes each piece if you have it. If not, then just one will do since I'm not sure if I can even go for free in this section. If I'm allowed to spare my services for free, then hell yes am I doing it for free.

    Why am I doing it for free? As an aspiring Graphic Designer/anything pretty, experience and web presence is much more valuable for me than any petty currency. Even money.

    To see, my beloved works, go here:

    If you have a question about anything I do, I would be glad to assist you in graphic ventures of your own, or provide (what I believe to be) fair criticism for existing works.

    I work best using resources I have compiled on my own (mainly being pictures if you require for work). If there is something you want made into something, then I can work just as well with that than anything else (with limits to ensure quality)

    And a few quick samples.


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