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    Post  ilocar on Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:32 am

    I'm going to start by saying I am new to the VOCALOID collaboration concept but I am not new to VOCALOID itself. I am friends with Koda-P and have been involved to some limited extent with his projects, most notably on two songs he wrote for the indie game Ad Lucem wherein I wrote the Psuedo-Latin Lyrics sung by Big Al.

    I am also happy to say that I am planning to sing a dub of Koda's song Last Dance which will be my first video upload to You Tube yay!

    I also may or may not be working on Lyrics for a song that Koda may or may not be writing, which may or may not be sung by Big Al in the near future.

    My talents are in Singing and Lyrics. I write Lyrics with recognizable meter but not always with a perfect rhyme scheme.

    I've actually been think for a long time that I wanted to join the world of VOCALOID collaboration, at least in some small capacity. It may suprise some that I'm probably not as devoted as others of you as VOCALOID and music in general are less of aof a life's dream for me and more of a fun hobby. But I promise I will deliver if I promise work and I'll do it as fast as humanly possible.

    When Koda joined/Co-founded ResoNation is the time when I first entertained the idea of becoming part of this community. But, having no personal skill with music and no care to put in effort to learn that skill I decided that I would give up. But now I have decided I will merely offer what services and talents I have at my disposal.

    I will also note I am learning to play Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass, I am not good enough to play anything yet that I would offer my playing for songs, but I will inform you as soon as my teachers and myself (as well as Koda, lol) deem me skilled enough to be considered a true amatuer at such a time I will certainly offer playing lines for songs as well.

    That's about, please don't flame me too much for not devoting my life to VOCALOID and music, I have other arts that I'm better at to put my pipe dreams toward, but I still would love to help out with VOCALOID collaboration.

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    Re: Hello

    Post  Koda on Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:17 am

    Heya, Ilo. Glad to see that you're finally ready to take the abyssal jump onto the perilous, slippery slope that is this sub-sub-genre of a sub-culture of the entertainment industry. I took it almost two years ago, and you watched and laughed as I said, "No; I'm not obsessed". Well, I guess I'd be lying now. ^^

    Yeah, so to the other people: This guy knows language. He's your absolute go-to guy for making up languages and figuring out syllables for any kind of UTAU project you can imagine. If you don't get something about syllables and stuff, ask this guy.

    Soudane Kunio, Ilocar's UTAU, is ready to be released within a week or two. Just waiting on the last OTO files and some art. Look forward to it! ^^

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    Re: Hello

    Post  AgentJ on Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:00 am

    Welcome Very Happy

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    Re: Hello

    Post  Kentai-P on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:08 am

    Is that right?
    I can't believe you would tell us that you only do lyrics, when you actually almost have an UTAU voice bank finished^^

    you should join the UTAU Creators group.
    It is directed by UTAUReni.
    She might be absent for a few days due to technical difficulties with her computer.

    Well anyways: welcome to the community!



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    Re: Hello

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