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    [Hatsune Miku] Alice Human Sacrifice: Mecha Miku Mix


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    [Hatsune Miku] Alice Human Sacrifice: Mecha Miku Mix

    Post  Koda on Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:25 am

    Alice Human Sacrifice: Mecha Miku Mix

    First video posted on September 01, 2009.

    This mix of Alice Human Sacrifice was originally written to go with the "VOCALOID Party" StepMania pack, but after the sudden disappearance of the organizer of said pack, the song has just remained an interesting version of AHS to listen to.

    There are a few videos around YouTube which have been made since the original release that use this particular mix. They tend to go under names like, "Mecha ______ Mix". If you see any of them that don't give credit to me (Koda) and the original producer (Yugami-P), please let me know. They must be punished... Twisted Evil

    Lyrics are the same as the original song, which can be found with a quick YouTube search.

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    Re: [Hatsune Miku] Alice Human Sacrifice: Mecha Miku Mix

    Post  Kentai-P on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:17 am

    nice. =D

    sounds like a FXed uped 16bit gamboy version of the song with real vocals xD
    I love it!

    Then again it always seemed to me that you had a knack for this kind of music. Someday I'll take the time to attempt something of this style too for sure. There are just so many other songs I'm working on at the same time ^^°



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