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    "|" |-| |ミ |-| |ミ |\| "|" /-\ | - []D

    |-| |ミ |\| "|" /-\ | -[]D

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    "|" |-| |ミ |-| |ミ || "|" /- | - []D

    Post  |-| |ミ |\| "|" /-\ | -[]D on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:32 am

    I am the one and only |-| |ミ |\| "|" /-\ | - []D you can tell how important I am by my oversized "D"-like []D. Some say I am compensating for something but having it next to my name is kinda a status symbol and is very important to me.

    []Ds are given out to western doujinshi typesetters who have done work the community has deemed "DD", very large, or "Double D" worthy and whose works are really representative of /d/.

    You can find many of my work under the names Anonymous or Anonymouse because in general /d/ fashion titles are on the bit of the extreme side. If you ever been to 4ch's /d/ you will know what I mean.

    Beyond my namesake and /d/ related materials my interests include light novels, kung fu films, japanese stuff, Pocky, and Vocaloid.

    I got into Vocaloid thanks to the UTAU Acme Iku.

    My favorite song is 【UTAU】Disappearance of Acme Iku -DEAD END-

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    Re: "|" |-| |ミ |-| |ミ |\| "|" /-\ | - []D

    Post  Kentai-P on Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:57 am

    Please write like normal people, reading this h1 text is really straining for me ^^

    otherwise welcome.


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