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    [Angelica Morbid] DOn't leave me behind

    Rin Grim

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    [Angelica Morbid] DOn't leave me behind

    Post  Rin Grim on Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:20 pm

    Yay my first orginal song. It's not perfect and my some of lyrics might not be right. SO if not please tell, I can't speak japanesse so yeah.
    Also kentai made me the midi, so yeah just giving credit where it's due.

    Eng lyrics
    Midnight Nightmares
    No one
    TIme to die tonight

    Lost in the dark
    no hope no peace
    with only madness here
    Don't leave me

    Mightnight screams
    no one
    Time for blood tonight

    No one


    no one

    Cold Warmth
    Silent tears
    No love here
    all alone here

    all alone

    Only pain

    No light

    Love me someone

    Japanesse lyrics

    middonaito akumu
    jikan ha konya shinu

    de ushinawa reta kurai
    nozomi nonainai heiwa
    yuiitsu no kyouki kokoni
    watashi wo houchi shinaidekudasai

    middonaito ha himei
    jikan ha chi konya




    ko^rudo atatamo ri
    sairento namida
    iie ai koko
    subeteno nin hakoko

    subeteno nin

    nomino itami

    ha hikari

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