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    User Groups

    Post  Kentai-P on Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:55 am

    Hi (future) Community!

    I would like all members to evaluate into which groups they belong (one person can belong to several groups.).

    You can find the Groups either on the bottom of the page or under 'Usergroups'.
    If you have found the right Group, just send a request, and you will be added.

    DO NOT join a group you do not belong to, it is very counterproductive.

    Current Groups are:

    Moderators, UTAU Producers, Vocaloid Producers, UTAU Creators, Lyricists Artists and BGM Artists



    Oh and I almost forgott:
    ATM I am moderating most of the groups. It would however be great if some people with expertiese in the groups areas of expertise would take them over from me.
    We still need Group leaders for:

    -BGM Artists


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