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    UTAU original, need help with BGM


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    UTAU original, need help with BGM

    Post  Rave on Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:46 pm

    Hello, i recently wrote this song called 'cloudy days', I'm going to make my UTAU sing it (and probably do cover of it myself) but I really stink at making background music for songs. I was hoping to have someone help me, here are the lyrics:

    La da da, la da da. la da da, la da da, la da da da da...

    There outside my window pain,
    there is no sun, only rain.
    I dont know where it went,
    but i think i have a guess.

    Yesterday there was no rain,
    you were with me, happy days.
    I want to be like that every day.
    You make the sun shine
    on cloudy days.

    The sun it shines so bright,
    like that glimmer in your eyes.
    when i see your face again,
    all my fears come to an end.
    Tonight the fireflies
    are about shining lights.
    But There are still no stars tonight,
    it makes me wonder whats not right.

    Late at night I think of you,
    and all the things we used to do,
    so many memories pass,
    through my head,
    they went so fast.
    All the little fireflies,
    here out on a starless night
    They make me think of your eyes,
    that could light up the skies,
    you make my days go past.
    God I wish they would just last,
    a little longer...
    On cloudy days.

    La da da, la da da. la da da, la da da, la da da da da...

    I was hoping to replace the 'la da da''s with an acoustic guitar interlude type thing.
    I made a tune up for it already, I'll post it once I'm done singing it. But I was really hoping for someone to help me make an accoustic guitar backing. It can be generated by a program (like FL studio, etc) or you could actually record yourself playing it, but I really need some help. Would anyone like to accompany this song?

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